Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention

Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) is the intensive application of behaviour analytic principles to young children who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The program is considered ‘intensive’ for several reasons: the number of hours (25-40 hours per week), individualized one-to-one instruction, the engagement of the child in learning, and the specialized training and expertise of the therapists implementing the programs.

IBI has been demonstrated to have a positive impact on the development of young children with an autism spectrum disorder. While it is difficult to predict  at the onset which children will show the most gains from IBI, most children derive some benefit from early intensive intervention. These gains may include a boost in the child’s overall development, gains in functional independence and a reduction in problem behaviour. In order to determine an individual child’s progress, ongoing data collection and evaluation as well as regular assessment intervals ensure that children’s progress is closely monitored.

IBI services may be provided in-home or in a daycare setting (if approved).

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